​concerts and projects

From 2005, the group became known as Maarifa Street

(maarifa means "knowledge, wisdom" in Arabic).

The musicians who most usually performed as Maarifa Street are:

  • Jon Hassell—Trumpet / Keyboard


  • Peter Freeman—Bass / Laptop
  • Kheir-Eddine M'Kachiche—Violin
  • Jan Bang—Live sampling
  • J. A. Deane—Live sampling
  • Jamie Muhoberac—Keyboard
  • Eivind Aarset—Guitar
  • Rick Cox—Guitar
  • Steve Shehan—Drums / Percussion

Our audio engineer during most of this time, responsible for a brilliant sound in the hall and in our recordings is Arnaud Mercier.

Look for specific personnel within each entry below.

​2013 | France, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy

​2011 | Norway, France

​2010 | Norway, Iceland

​2009 ​| Finland​​​, Germany Switzerland, Portugal, Macedonia, Germany, ​United States, Sweden, Denmark , Australia, United Kingdom, Canada

​2008 ​| ​​​United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Norway

​2007 ​| ​​​Italy, Belgium, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, 

​2006 ​| United States, ​​​The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Serbia, Italy, Norway, France

​2005 | Austria, Spain, Bosnia-Herzogovina, Norway, France

​2004 ​| Canada​​​

​2003 ​| France, Italy, Canada​​​

​2002 ​| United Kingdom​​​

​2001 ​| Italy​​​

​1999 | United States, Ireland

​1998 ​| Spain, United States​​​

​1997 ​| ​​​The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, United States,

​1996 | The Netherlands, United States

​1995 ​| United States​​​

​1994 ​| United States​​​

​1992 ​| ​​​Sweden, United States, France, Morocco

​1991 ​| France​​​

​1988 ​| ​​​Italy, Germany, Japan, Austria, United States, France, The Netherlands

​1987 | United States, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Canada

​1986 ​| United States​​​, Italy, Germany

​1985 ​| ​​​Norway, Sweden, France, United States, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom

​1984 ​| ​​​United Kingdom, Germany, United States

​1983 ​| ​​​United States, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, France, Canada

​1982 ​| ​​​Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France

​1981 ​| United States, Canada​​​

​1980 ​| United States, Canada​​​​​​

​1979 ​| United States​

​1977 ​| United States

​1976 ​| Canada​​​​​​

​1975 ​| United States

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A childhood in Memphis, a classical conservatory education, composition and electronic music study with Stockhausen in Cologne; a passage through the New York minimalist sphere with Terry Riley, Reich, Glass; having a window opened onto the world's music and a new approach to the trumpet via vocal master Pandit Pran Nath; a questioning and deconstruction of the European dichotomy between classical and popular, sacred and sensual; a pioneer of digital transformation and sampling—all of this led to Fourth World—the unique blend which Jon has described as "worldly music" to underline a more subtle equation at work and discourage the simplistic labeling of "world," "jazz," "classical," "minimal," or "ambient."