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atmospherics : stories in words and pictures


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Lurch producers

Brett Chamberlain, DJ BLK Lion, Gideon Obarzanek, DJ JAD.

Jon Hassell: The music for Lurch began with a concept hinted at by the phrase, "a Fourth World Retrospective in DJ Form". A key phrase here is "DJ Form"—as if this actually implied a form of music rather than referring to a person who plays pre-recorded music. And, in fact, the DJ has become a maker of form not only through selection but also through techniques of sound capture and speed and pitch changes. "Retrospective" refers to the idea I've had for a long while now to deconstruct pre-formed music of mine in order to reconstruct it into something new by altering and mixing the individual musical components of any number of tracks in the same way that a DJ alters and combines entire tracks. These component "parts"—some previously used, some new—have been divided between DJ BLK Lion and DJ JAD who have various degrees of free improvisation space within which to create and adapt to the mood and pace of a given performance.


Choreography: Gideon Obarzanek

Music: New composition by Jon Hassell in collaboration
with DJ JAD McAdam and DJ BLK Lion.
Live on stage: DJ JAD, DJ BLK Lion with pre-recorded tracks
from Mo'Wax, Warp and others.

Decor & Lighting design: Andrew Carter

Costumes: Brett Chamberlain

Running Time: 73 minutes

Jon Hassell music duration 61:05




1 Girl's Dance 5:30

2 Boy's Dance 4:40

(These 2 are on the "souvenir CD-Program". 5000 copies published.)

3 Duet 5:10

4 Group-Isolation+Duet 6:45

(These 2 DJ music selections are subtracted from JH music duration)

5 Projection: Blue Night

6 Empire Girls

7 Lightman

8 Theory of Dreams

9 Screenman and Go-Go Girl

10 Spirit of the Times

11 Rain Dream

12 Balloon Dance

13 Balloon Pickers Solo

14 Ballroom Jungle


There were twelve performances of Lurch between 12-28 Sept 96 Lucent Danstheater, Den Haag, Netherlands. Additional performances in Strasbourg Oct 96.

New material was created in July 1996 in Los Angeles along with the combined talent of DJ BLK Lion, DJ JAD, Jamie Muhoberac and Pete Scaturro with Kubi Uner engineering.

Elements from pre-formed tracks created from 1980 to 1994 with a cast of musicians too numerous to list here with the exception of producers Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, and Pete Scaturro.

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