Jon Hassell



Water Lily Acoustics

1999 • 60:30


1  Nature Boy (Ahbez) 2:45

2  Datura (Hassell) 4:31

3  Caravanesque (Ellington/Tizol) 7:18

4  Wide Sky

(Hassell/Cooder/Cox/Majumdar) 6:35

5  Mevlana Duke (Hassell) 6:16

6  Secretly Happy

(Hassell/Majumdar/Muhoberac) 6:33

7  Poinciana (Bernier/Simon) 4:28

8  Sensuendo (Hassell/Majumdar) 5:15

9  Suite de Caravan (Ellington/Tizol) 12:09

10  Estate (Summer) (Brighetti/Martino) 4:40


Jon Hassell—trumpet

Ry Cooder—guitar

Jacky Terrason—piano

Ronu Majumdar—bansuri

Rick Cox—guitar, bass clarinet, samples

Jamie Muhoberac—zendrum

Joachim Cooder—drums

Rick Masterson—tambura

Rose Okada—tambura


Produced by Ry Cooder


album notes

After twentysome years of recordings and performances, this is the first time I've ever played someone else's song.

With this recording I locate myself squarely within that aspect of music which is fundamental and irreducible: the beauty of the sound. This is what Dane Rudyar calls "tone-magic"—a concept derived from ancient practice wherein the quality of the tone itself communicates meaning quite apart from any further arrangement of an "artifice" of music.

At the same time I celebrate here my first contacts with musical exotica in the form of certain songs and melodies heard as a child on the radio or in movie scores. This music created a kind of permanent technicolor oasis in my spirit—a place where I always want to stop for a cool refreshing drink, whether from Duke Ellington and Juan Tizol's 'Caravan', or Ravel or raga or gamelan or Gil, or João or Joujouka—and a place which became the underlying spring from which flowed my "fourth world" musical paradigm.

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 n e w s 

 b i o g r a p h y 

 p r e s s 

 a r t i c l e s 

 d i s c o g r a p h y 

 c o n c e r t s 

 s t a g e 

 l i n k s 

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