dressing for pleasure

Dressing For Pleasure

Jon Hassell and Bluescreen

Warner Bros 9362-45523-2

1994 • 60:42


1  G-Spot (Hassell) 5:03

2  Villa Narco (Hassell) 4:32

3  Kolo X (Hassell) 3:48

4  Personals (Hassell/Winer) 4:13

5  Club Zombie (Hassell) 3:28

6  Zeitgeist (Hassell) 3:51

7  Steppin' Thru Time (Hassell/Scaturro) 4:08

8  Destination: Bakiff (Hassell/Tizol) 4:16

9  Sex Goddess (Hassell) 4:30

10  Buzzword (Hassell/Scaturro/Mantia/Gore/Buckethead) 4:28

11  The Gods, They Must Be Crazy

(Hassell/Scaturro) 5:42

12  Mati (Hassell) 4:21

13  Blue Night (Hassell) 7:42 


Jon Hassell—trumpet, keyboards, voice

Pete Scaturro—Hammond organ, drum machine, keyboard bass, electric bass, piano

Brain—drums, percussion

Joe Gore—guitar

Blk Lion—keyboard samples, programming


Kenny Garrett—sax

Flea—electric bass

Trevor Dunn—acoustic bass

Leslie Winer—voice

Islam Shabazz—electric bass, voice

Buckethead—electric bass

Jamie Muhoberac—synth, keyboard samples

Gregg Arreguin—guitar

Zoë Ellis—vocal

Greg Kurstin—piano

Peter Freeman—electric bass

Adam Rudolph—drums, percussion

Lee Curreri—programming, organ treatment

DJ Grand Shogun KB—scratches


Produced by Pete Scaturro and Jon Hassell

atmospherics: stories in words and pictures


 n e w s 

 b i o g r a p h y 

 p r e s s 

 a r t i c l e s 

 d i s c o g r a p h y 

 c o n c e r t s 

 s t a g e 

 l i n k s 

Cover design by Jon Hassell, Tom Recchion and Katherine Delaney