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Green bar

 n e w s

 b i o g r a p h y 

 p r e s s 

 a r t i c l e s 

 d i s c o g r a p h y 

 c o n c e r t s 

 s t a g e 

 l i n k s 

Sleeper Cell

Sleeper Cell


Rhythm Bank

Paul Haslinger score for a Showtime series. JH plays on 'Memento Mori' with Iranian singer Sussan Deyhim.

Owning Mahowny

The Insects — Owning Mahowny


Another film from the director of Love and Death in Long Island (see below) sees the return of The Insects (they abbreviated their name) and JH on soundtrack duties.

TV Guide: 50 All-Time Favorite TV Themes

TV Guide: 50 All-Time Favorite TV Themes



Includes the theme from The Practice, composed by JH.

Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes


Warner Brothers

Includes Nature Boy from Fascinoma.

Million Dollar Hotel

Million Dollar Hotel

The Million Dollar Hotel



JH appears in front of the camera (above) making a brief appearance in a role originally conceived for Miles Davis. Million Dollar Hotel comes from a collaborative idea between Wim Wenders and Bono during a previous shoot for a U2 video at the same location. Before shooting began, JH offered a live track called 'Amsterdam Blue (Cortege)'—recorded in Amsterdam as an homage to Chet Baker who jumped or fell from a hotel window there. Wenders and Bono fell in love with the mood of this track and it became a touchstone for the score, as reflected in the composer credit:
"Music by Jon Hassell, Bono, Daniel Lanois, Brian Eno."




An experimental, partly computer-generated film by artist Thomas Shannon. Uses music from The Vertical Collection as the score.

Greenwich Mean Time

g:mt – Greenwich Mean Time



British film with a soundtrack featuring Talvin Singh, Tricky, JH, and Imogen Heap, among others.

Primary Colors

Ry Cooder — Primary Colors



Mainly arrangements by Ry Cooder and Van Dyke Parks of traditional American songs. The sole JH track, 'Wide Sky', is from Fascinoma.

The Practice

The Practice


JH composed the title theme of this popular ABC TV legal series. Later chosen by TV Guide as one of the fifty greatest television themes (see above).

Love and Death on Long Island

The Startled Insects —
Love and Death in Long Island


JH in mournful trumpet mode with the music of The Startled Insects. (Note here the film's original title, corrected at the request of the director.)

The End of Violence

Ry Cooder — The End of Violence



Ry Cooder scores another Wim Wenders film following from his classic soundtrack for Paris, Texas.

Wild Side

Wild Side


No soundtrack album

The last, troubled film of maverick director Donald Cammell (Performance). Hassell's music (among other things) was a bone of contention with the producers who hated Cammell's take on what, in other hands, would have been a lightweight erotic drama. After a series of arguments, Cammell took his own life. The film has since been re-issued in a form closer to his intentions but without its original score.


Ry Cooder — Trespass


Warner Brothers

JH with Ry Cooder for the first time. The dark side of City: Works of Fiction. Cooder's growling guitar and "floor slide" (a huge slide guitar), Jim Keltner's percussion and JH's trumpet conjure tense and energetic urban soundscapes.

Note: there are two Trespass soundtracks—this one and another featuring the film's rap music.


Peter Gabriel — Passion
(The Last Temptation of Christ)



Pioneering blend of modern production/electronics and North African/Middle Eastern music and atmospheres whose approach has been much imitated by later soundtracks such as Hans Zimmer's Black Hawk Down.

JH on one track only, 'Passion' but this also includes the late, great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. A wealth of guest artists include Hossam Ramzi, Shankar, Baaba Maal, Youssou N'Dour, David Rhodes and Bill Cobham.


Stanley Myers — Castaway


Stanley Myers is credited as composer for Nicolas Roeg's film of Lucy Irvine's book but the soundtrack is an eclectic mix of different musical styles, including contributions from Kate Bush, Debussy and JH with 'Chemistry' from Possible Musics.


Peter Gabriel — Birdy



Gabriel reworks pieces from his ethnic-styled fourth solo album with contributions from JH and Daniel Lanois.


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