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If I Could Fly

Grace — If I Could Fly


Warner Bros

A pop/trance project from DJ Paul Oakenfold. JH guests on 'Don't Call Me (You're Not Mine)'.

Next Voice You Hear

Jackson Browne — Next Voice You Hear:
The Best of Jackson Browne



JH on new track, 'The Next Voice You Hear', produced by T-Bone Burnett.

Dark Dear Heart

Holly Cole — Dark Dear Heart


Blue Note

Light cover versions and some standards from the singer with JH on guest trumpet.


kd lang — Drag


Warner Bros

A collection of sensual cover versions with smoke, cigarettes and smoking as the theme. JH in jazz-inflected trumpet mode.


Nobukazu Takemura — Unreleased Remixes


Toy's Factory

One for the serious collector: three electronica pieces from Takemura remixed by different artists, including Aphex Twin. JH remixes the second version of 'For Tomorrow'. Vinyl only.

Seal Unplugged

Seal Unplugged



The usual MTV live arrangement with JH on session trumpet. To date, no CD or video available but the song 'Kiss From A Rose' is on The Very Best of MTV Unplugged.

Pink Noir

David Toop — Pink Noir



JH joins tabla master Talvin Singh on the track 'Slow Loris vs Poison Snail'.

Ocean of Sound

Various artists — Ocean of Sound



Double-disc collection of mostly ambient music accompanying David Toop's book of the same name. JH track is from Aka-Darbari-Java / Magic Realism.

1-01  King Tubby—Dub Fi Gwan (3:56)
1-02  Herbie Hancock—Rain Dance (8:41)
1-03  Aphex Twin—Analogue Bubblebath I (4:40)
1-04  Jon Hassell—Empire iii (6:58)
1-05  Ujang Suryana—Sorban Palid (6:16)
1-06  Claude Debussy—Prélude à l'Après-midi d'un Faune (9:37)
1-07  Les Baxter—Sunken City (2:47)
1-08  My Bloody Valentine—Loomer (2:36)
1-09  Brian Eno—Lizard Point (3:59)
1-10  Unknown artist—Shunie Omizutori Buddhist Ceremony (6:45)
1-11  Vancouver Soundscape—The Music Of Horns And Whistles (2:08)
1-12  Howler Monkeys (1:26)
1-13  Peter Brötzmann Octet—Machine Gun (5:58)
1-14  Unknown artist—Yanomami Rain Song (3:03)
1-15  Harold Budd—Bismillahi 'Rrahmani 'Rrahim (4:48)
2-01  Miles Davis—Black Satin (5:09)
2-02  Terry Riley—Extract from Poppy Nogood "All Night Flight" (8:09)
2-03  Detty Kurnia—Coyor Panon (5:36)
2-04  Ornette Coleman—Virgin Beauty (3:28)
2-05  John Zorn & David Toop—Chen Pe' I Pe' I (2:57)
2-06  Paul Schütze—Rivers Of Mercury (6:31)
2-07  The Velvet Underground—I Heard Her Call My Name (4:32)
2-08  Bearded Seals (2:41)
2-09  Holger Czukay—Boat - Woman - Song (5:47)
2-10  The Beach Boys—Fall Breaks And Back Into Winter (Woody Woodpecker Symphony) (2:02)
2-11  African Head Charge—Faraway Chant (3:49)
2-12  Sun Ra—Cosmo Enticement (2:59)
2-13  The Music Improvisation Company—Untitled 3 (6:24)
2-14  Deep Listening Band—Seven-Up (2:27)
2-15  John Cage—In A Landscape (6:26)
2-16  Erik Satie—Vexations (2:57)
2-17  Unknown artist—Suikinkutsu Water Chime (2:55)


Techno Animal — Re-Entry



Ex-Godflesh/God members Martin and Broadrick form post-Industrial heavy dub Goliath. JH on two tracks, 'Flight of the Hermaphrodite' and 'Needle Park'.

And She Closed Her Eyes

Stina Nordenstam — And She Closed Her Eyes



JH on unadorned trumpet accompanying the distinctive Swedish singer.

Ai Confini/Interzone

Various artists — Ai Confini/Interzone


New Tone

Anthology of new/leftfield music. The JH piece is exclusive to this album.

Jon Hassell—Pygmy Dance (6.13)

2  Bebo Baldan—Pil (5.53)

3  Peter Gordon—The Departure (11.47)

4  Antinomia—Between Two Mirrors (3.40)

5  Arturo Stalteri—Arabesque (4.32)

6  Wim Mertens—Slam (2.20)

7  Michael Nyman—Final Score #1 (2.40)

8  Steve Reich—Music for Pieces of Wood (14.23)

9  Harmonia Ensemble—Erik (4.09)

10  Eddy De Fanti—Djembe (5.00)

11  Alessandro Pizzin—Daughter Bubble (3.57)

12  The Durutti Column—Megamix (5.47)

The Crocodile Smile

Marc Beacco — The Crocodile Smile



Album by French singer. JH plays on/co-writes one track, 'Funeral for a Flower'.


Various artists — Les Nouvelles Polyphonies Corses



Guest artists provide arrangements for Corsican folk singers. Musicians with JH include Hector Zazou, John Cale, Manu Dibango and Ryuichi Sakamoto. JH on three tracks.

The Seeds of Love

Tears for Fears — The Seeds of Love



JH on 'Standing on the Corner of the Third World' and 'Famous Last Words'.

Myths 3

Various artists — Myths 3: La Nouvelle Sérénité


Sub Rosa

Ambient anthology from the often hard-to-find Belgian label Sub Rosa. JH (with JA Deane) contributes the exclusive 'Map of Dusk', "recorded on the Day of Winter Solstice, 1985, NY."

1  Jon Hassell—Map of Dusk (10.50)

2  Harold Budd—Cartago Sand Dancing (6.10)

3  Harold Budd—Strange Thunder (3.15)

4  Gavin Bryars—Sketch for Sub Rosa (10.40)

5  Les Archives Sonores S.R.—8 Perspectives Romanes (10.30)

White Man Sleeps

The Kronos Quartet — White Man Sleeps



The Kronos Quartet record Hassell's 13-minute string piece 'Pano de Costa' which they commissioned in 1983. Also includes works by Charles Ives, Ornette Coleman and Béla Bartók.


Lloyd Cole — Mainstream



JH on one track, 'Big Snake'.

Words with the Shaman

David Sylvian w/Jon Hassell, Steve Jansen,
Holger Czukay — Words with the Shaman



Originally 12" vinyl, later a 3" CD and a cassette-only release with the long Sylvian piece 'Steel Cathedrals' (with Robert Fripp).

Reissued in 2003 on the remastered Alchemy—An Index of Possibilities, collecting all the WWTS tracks, 'Steel Cathedrals' and other instrumental pieces by Sylvian.

Brilliant Trees

David Sylvian — Brilliant Trees



JH joins fellow Stockhausen classmate Holger Czukay on Sylvian's solo debut. Some CD editions include the Words with the Shaman EP as extra tracks. Reissued in a new edition in 2003.

Ambient 4: On Land

Brian Eno — Ambient 4: On Land


Editions EG

Eno journeys deeper into ambient abstraction. JH on one track, 'Shadow', accompanied by synthetic crickets and other night sounds.


Various Artists — Music and Rhythm



Landmark double-vinyl compilation put together by Peter Gabriel to coincide with the first WOMAD festival, where JH was also one of the guest performers. The version of 'Ba-Benzélé' here is an exclusive live recording from the Ontario College of Art, 1981.

A 13-track CD which includes the JH piece, The Best of Music and Rhythm, was released in Japan a few years later.

1  Drums Of Makebuko—Burundi

2  Peter Gabriel—Across The River

3  Ekome—Kpan Logo

4  XTC—It's Nearly Africa

5  Alhaji Ibrahim Abdulai and His Dagbamba Cultural Group—Zuu-Waa

6  The Beat—Mirror In The Bathroom

7  Prince Nico Mbarga and Rocafil Jazz—Sweet Mother

8  Mighty Sparrow—Music And Rhythm

9  Rico—What You Talkin' Bout

10  Morris Pert—Marrakesh

11  Pete Townshend—Ascension Two

12  Vic Coppersmith-Heaven—Pengosekan

13  Balinese Ketjak—A short excerpt from the Ramayana Monkey Chant

14  Jon Hassell—Ba-Benzélé

15  Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan—Noor Azli Chamkia

16  Peter Hammill—The Ritual Mask

17  David Byrne—His Wife Refused

18  Alhaji Bai Konte and Malamini Jobate—Sudurum Kumbosora

19  Lonesi Chewane and Joni Hetara—Mkazi Wa Mulomo

20  Shankar and Bill Lovelady—Himalaya

21  Holger Czukay—Persian Love

Remain in Light

Talking Heads — Remain in Light



JH enters the pop world playing on 'Houses in Motion'.


La Monte Young — Dream House 78' 17"



Minimalist classic on the Shandar label. Vinyl-only and highly sought after, to date there are no CD reissues. JH plays on one side, trombonist Garrett List on the other.

In C

Terry Riley — In C



JH featured on this first recording only.

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