jon hassell | diorama 3

diorama 1983–1984

di-o-ra-ma: A three-dimensional miniature scene with painted modelled figures and background

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Verbatim notes in red

21Oct84 Fly to UK. Chez Peter Gabriel at his home and studio in Bath with Dan Lanois producing. Some playing on the film score for Birdy. I find Peter a lovely guy, muy simpatico. Memorable: a tear-stained moment in the kitchen when we went deep into some personal, emotional territory. (Such sensitive guys!)

26Oct84 Fly to Amsterdam. Brian's having a show of his artwork at the Modern Museum. We walk through the park and discuss a plan for a new record to be produced by Brian's company, Opal. Having come from the classical music world in which the composer is the author of every detail, I was still a bit uneasy about the role of the producer in shaping the music. For this record (what was to become Power Spot) I decided to relax and allow Brian and Daniel to do their producer thing.

29Oct84 8 Campo Dei Fiori. Three beautiful days and nights in Rome with "Desdemona" (see 21Sept). I love her, I love the language, I love the food, I love the Campo Dei Fiori, Italy loves

me...Why didn't I move there and become Italian?

7Nov84 OM COLIN WALCOTT dies in auto accident in E. Germany. Why this sweet gentle man devoted to the beauty of music?

2Dec84 The second phase of recording for Power Spot begins with two weeks at Grant Avenue Studio. From New York and from Paris, the band converges on Hamilton, Ontario.