jon hassell | diorama 3

diorama 1983–1984

di-o-ra-ma: A three-dimensional miniature scene with painted modelled figures and background

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Verbatim notes in red

18Aug84 11:30 We gather at Bar Espagne in Soller for trek up "Putcsh Major"... Descending, the Walking Dance w/ mbira + handclaps: Music + Commerce (faster pace, worker's produce more). What a beautiful day.

19Aug84 Chez Casa Nova. Incredible: the hills alive with soft tinkling of sheep bells under a sky packed with stars and silhouetted palms and shadows moving across the hills. What a beautiful night.

24Aug84 On the other side of the island, Mati and I lunch at the unbelievably beautiful Moorish palace of a collector-friend who also produced films. On this page, I have noted, Re: Ishtar film, contact Donald Cammell. Twelve years later, after I had moved to LA, I would meet Donald, also a friend of Mati's, at a rough-cut screening of his film called Wild Side, thus beginning a complicated story (my first movie score, taken on in dire need with all good intentions to do something fabulous with/for him, eventually learning that he

had withdrawn his name from the picture in controversy with the producers over the final cut) and which, sadly, was to be the last chapter in his life. More about this later. This picture of me against the Moorish tiles was taken by Mati.

2Sept84 Back to Paris for a week where Ch and I conjugate sexual and emotional postures followed by a painful goodbye back to New York.

21Sept84 I go to La Mama to see an avant-garde Otello by an Italian theater group. Fall in love at first sight with "Desdemona", a beautiful Napolitana, who has gone on to be a movie star. The best way to learn a language: fall in love with someone who doesn't speak English well. I make up "scripts" of things I want to say to her in Italian as we continue to talk from hotels as the group continues its tour.