jon hassell | diorama 3

diorama 1983–1984

di-o-ra-ma: A three-dimensional miniature scene with painted modelled figures and background

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Verbatim notes in red

23Feb84 1:30 Harvey Lichtenstein and Joe Melillo. First meeting with the directors of Brooklyn Academy of Music's "Next Wave Festival" to pitch The Shadow Play.

5Mar84 Call BE (Eno) with 6 selections for Dune producers (David Lynch).

8Mar84 Harvey L calls...likes videotape. Encourages me to hurry up with the "treatment."

17Mar84 Period of Extreme Anxiety over no $ at this age (and hair is getting too thin for comfort).

20Mar84 5:25AM Vernal Equinox...Brian OKs $2500 loan/advance against publishing. Bless him. He's saved me more than once since then.

12Apr84 These afternoons: walking w/ PPN (Pran Nath) and Beep and watching Winter turn to Spring.

10May84 Shadow Play: "favorable response" from New Works Committee at Mass. Council on the Arts.

19May84 CONCERT: TOMPKINS SQUARE PARK. Outdoor concert in the East Village with Richard Henderson playing DJ with tape backgrounds.

30May84 SOLAR ECLIPSE (peak 12:50PM)... 1PM Peter Sellars—First Meeting For Shadow Play ("a flair for the dramatic"). I've drawn arrows on the page to emphasize all of these cross-connections and multi-meanings that look like signs from the heavens for the success of this project.

2Aug84...Paris...Tantra = "continuity" (!) Ch tells me she didn't take my photo of her putting on lipstick at Hotel (Verneuil)...reminded her of photo she found after her mother's death of her (in Saigon) sitting at vanity table...putting on lipstick with reflection of guy who was not her father taking pictures in mirror. I hear those drums again.

12Aug84 Fly from Paris to Palma de Mallorca with my aging dog, Beeper. My first visit to Deia—the artist/writer colony where Robert Graves lived and died—staying with Mati in the beautiful old farm house called Casa Nova.