jon hassell | diorama 3

diorama 1983–1984

di-o-ra-ma: A three-dimensional miniature scene with painted modelled figures and background

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Verbatim notes in red

22June83 After a series of concerts in Japanese concert halls we do a "sidebar" performance at the then-hippest club in Tokyo, Pithecanthropus Rex.

2July83 Issey Miyake invites a stellar group for an extraordinary weekend at a traditional hotel ("Horai")in Atami, a natural springs resort town south of Tokyo.

2Aug83 Cut to: a month later, back in Memphis visiting my aging mother and father. A joyful hot and humid Midsouth summer evening outside among the lightning bugs and a chorus of crickets, playing with "The Backyard Boys."

4Sept83 In Berlin with David Sylvian, working on Brilliant Trees...then off to Paris again.

5Oct83 The Venice Biennale, a concert at Teatro Malibran. Time for a little nostalgia and a bit of love to the talented musicians who were the group during these years.

14Oct83 After Venice, we did Lugano, flew back to USA for a New Music America performance in the Planetarium in Washington and then up to Canada to Grant Avenue Studio to lay down some

of the music which had developed over the past months of concerts. This was the first phase of what was to become the next record, Power Spot, which would not be released until 1986.

31Oct83 NY Telephone $943.04, Con Ed $42.25, Rent $500. Eloquent testimony to the priorities of my lifestyle.

17Nov83 8PM Dinner Twyla. Had met Twyla when she and David Byrne were hanging out together. I wanted to bring her into a dream team of collaborators (Issey, Mati, Arata Isozaki, Eiko Ishioka) using the Indonesian Shadow Play (Wayang Kulit) as a starting point but (it"s clear to me now) she had a very well developed hierarchy of interests and "ethnic" influences were not primary. Respect for her independence. Sends me a record of her current fave, the Brahms Clarinet Quintet.

13Dec83 LPs, proposal (Shadow Play) to Peter Sellars at Boston Shakespeare Co.