jon hassell | diorama 3

diorama 1983–1984

di-o-ra-ma: A three-dimensional miniature scene with painted modelled figures and background

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Verbatim notes in red

11Jan83 A week of feeling quite buried and fucked over by just about everything.

4Feb83 AKA-DARBARI-JAVA mastered today. Dear Dan Lanois had flown down from Toronto the day before and we mastered at Sterling Sound.

5Feb83 Mi stops by late, we go to Mudd Club, she stays over and the next AM it happens and we stay in bed all day while the snow falls outside! Ok, so much for feeling fucked over. A record completed, a beautiful woman from a distant land: things that go a long way toward dispelling those midwinter Tribeca blues. (I had moved from the Park Avenue South loft further downtown to an "artist storefront" at 18 N. Moore St.—now taken over by a bar and seen in the background during footage of John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife coming out of their Tribeca building before their fatal plane accident.)

13Feb83 Chinese New Year 4687. Ch arrives from Paris. This is the spicy Vietnamese friend mentioned above.

Let the blues recede even further and—most importantly—let the games begin!

5Mar83 Ch and I and Sandoz play away the day. No, not a menage à trois. Sandoz was the laboratory which made the high quality LSD that fueled this amazing day of fantasy with Marvin Gaye in the background. Since (thank god!) I was obsessed enough to have the habit of recording scenes like this, I'm thinking why not serve up a little audio peek into this moment and then see what lines of force and connection between my private world and my musical world might appear? (C'mon, Phil, you know you've never had sex to Einstein On the Beach, right?) After all, this was my way of importing that far away vision of classical India as an "age of flickering candlelight, splashing water and laughter, with serpentine melodies unfurling in perfumed air" into MY world. So the fantasy I was trying to create in Aka-Darbari-Java—with the Hollywoodienne loops, the West African