jon hassell | diorama 2

diorama 1981–1982

di-o-ra-ma: A three-dimensional miniature scene with painted modelled figures and background

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Verbatim notes in red

from West Java and Madagascar, Japanese Butoh by Kazu Ohno, Maurice Bejart in the Roman arena at Arles—and then there was that moment when Jack Lang, the Minister of Culture of France stopped to pet my dog Beeper on the head and chat. Would this happen to me in my country? What an amazing feeling it was to feel accepted and appreciated at this level within this cultural circle. Vive La France! And, oh yes. Not to forget the little angel on the street in Montpèlier who graced me with a glance, which I caught with a snap, and who I pray is now a happy twenty- or thirty-something, maybe making other angels who'll glance at other strangers from other countries who'll remember her in 2103. Nor to forget that day, the 10th of June when—back in Montpèlier after a day of shooting video in a valley of peace and magic me and Beeper at St. Guilheme-le Dèsert—while having soupe au pistou in the Café L'Éscargot, Beep has an epileptic seizure and "Florence" dix-neuf et bronzé speaks to me with her eyes and lends comfort to the situation (tel. 58.23.59 after 12 noon, before 5pm).

Nor-above all-should we forget what happened on...

14jun82 (Writing this while Beeper and I and the Minister of Culture and the Mayor-with M. sitting nearby-stand in the Roman arena at Aries watching Bejart perform)... Do you know what it's like to see you at the center of the Cloitre de St. Trophime in Aries, pregnant and beautiful (this is the highest Christian culture I'll ever experience!) and fixing the air electric with our selves meeting in the air between us and later, you, petting Beeper... as I turn to look for you, tossing a pile of ham at him and then using that as an opportunity to move toward me to talk and say you wanted your daughter to have a dog like him and then j'ai remarqué que il me semble que l'air devient... on peut dire... "electrique" entre nous... Comment? "Electrique," I repeat. Est-ce que vous l'avez remarqué aussi? and you smile and turn softly and flutter gently... Oui, mais... and turn and I say that it's because we're leaving tomorrow and may not see each other that j'ai