jon hassell | diorama 2

diorama 1981–1982

di-o-ra-ma: A three-dimensional miniature scene with painted modelled figures and background

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Verbatim notes in red

temperature, breeze, billowing clouds, delicate budding colors on all the trees and birds, birds, birds. I'm home, lying in the back yard at 585 Alexander St., lysergically assisted, watching clouds make pictures, with dogs panting next to me.

12Apr82 VET. TAX. Buy Sony. Call Italy re: equipment... Dentist. Carnet. TRUMPET SAVED!... Burglary attempt today. Cliff Carter surprises black guy carrying my tpt (!) and TV set out the door. Officer Larsen. Complaint #4882.

Apr 82 Florence and Sulla Strada. An avant-garde Italian theater company called Magazzini Criminali ('Detective Stories') asked me to do music for an extravagant reimagining of Jack Kerouac's On The Road which was to premiere at the Venice Biennale. At first, the idea was to have a live band onstage and I brought Michael Brook and Miguel Frascani to Florence, with Nana Vasconçelos to follow, but that proved impractical so I set about constructing a score to be 'performed' on tape. The music was made of new elements that we generated in a small studio there, combined with reworked

elements from my last two records, Possible Musics and Dream Theory. The music was awarded an 'Obie' (Italian version) in 1982 for Best Theatrical Score, Le Monde called it 'a form of New Wave opera' and a soundtrack record came out in 1995. Sulla Strada (On The Road).

12May82 Party. Issey Miyake 11pm Studio 54 (Daniela Morera).

June 82 Rencontres Nord-Sud Cultures. An idyllic summer week in the Longuedoc region of southern France. Invited as both a performer and a participant in an international conference on issues surrounding North-South culture (this is when the phrase "cultural imperialism" was entering into public discourse). Along with a fascinating group of people in the conference (an Egyptian filmmaker, a famous Japanese architect, a Polish theater director, cultural directors from India, Mexico and Morocco) there were beautiful performances in Roman ruins and medieval chapels (I performed in the Chapelle St. Catherine in Avignon) by groups