jon hassell | diorama 2

diorama 1981–1982

di-o-ra-ma: A three-dimensional miniature scene with painted modelled figures and background

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Verbatim notes in red

20Oct81 Toni Basil at The Kitchen. 8:30. Out with Twyla (Tharp), David (Byrne), Brian (Eno) and Alex, Toni and Mati (Klarwein) & Sylvie at the show.

Nov81 Concert at Ontarlo College of Art (Toronto) with Brian Eno doing onstage live electronic treatments and Aiyb Dieng, the African drummer from Possible Musics. A live track from this concert was on a double LP called WOMAD: Music and Rhythm—a benefit for the first WOMAD Festival.

04Dec81 Sitting with PPN at 6H... talking about life as a caravan rolling through village to village, arousing dogs temporarily who settle down as caravan rolls on... Telling about Sheik Muzzafer... asking him to sing for him, sitting down and singing unaccompanied Kafi and the Sheik having tears and about the purifying process of tears. Sitting with Pran Nath at 6 Harrison St., the lavishly appointed building bought (and later sold when oil fortunes shrunk) by the Dia Art foundation for La Monte Young and Pran Nath for living, teaching, and for concerts.

Sheik Muzzafer was the Sufi master of the Mevlavi Dervishes.

Feb82 Concert in Paris. After the cover story in October 1980, Actuel had cooked up a series of concerts at the Rex, a club in Paris. Nana Vasconçelos and I flew over on Icelandic and hooked up with a French keyboardist. This was where I first heard (and was blown away by) Abdou Mboup, the Senegalese drummer who contributed so much to the sound of the next record, Aka-Darbari-Java.

March 82 'Artificial Boundaries, Expanding Horizons, Possible Musics.' My first published article appeared in Heavy Metal. OK, so it's not The New Yorker. But it was the hangout for the young and futurist-minded and I was happy for the association at the time.

20Mar82 SPRING BEGINS... Yesterday: 81º in Memphis at 8pm!... Beautiful Equinox Lysergique... upstairs and downstairs in backyard... perfect