jon hassell | diorama 2

diorama 1981–1982

di-o-ra-ma: A three-dimensional miniature scene with painted modelled figures and background

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Verbatim notes in red

20Jan81 Full Moon... Reagan Inauguration... 1:3Opm Ira Cohen and Caroline... Beeper uses Ira's knee as a bone-rest... Wonderful visit with these two. Very moving reading of Ira's poem re: Angus (MacLise)... Ira writes about my music, takes snapshots. His poem is a beautiful collection of observations about the room, my comments, the music itself, the palm tree postcard, open jar of honey, parallel tpts, etc. (Taped to the page, a gold thread left behind from Caroline's scarf.) Ira Cohen is the only poet I ever spend time reading. His words read like Mati Klarwein's paintings. The poem he wrote on the spot during the visit to my loft noted above is just a whiff of his genius. The poem is called 'Dynamic Extreme'.

06Feb81 Peter Gabriel calls. A month before I begin Dream Theory, Peter calls from the UK, excited by Possible Musics, wants to do a festival of world music, (WOMAD, World of Music, Arts and Dance), invites me to do performance. Of course, at the time I felt as if I—having been the spark plug for the new wave of interest in non-Western

musics in the pop world (and what makes it different from other Western waves of interest in the "exotic" is that, for the first time it takes place in the era of digital transformation)—should have been the one creating such a festival. But over the years since, I've come to see advantages in not being too closely associated with "world music" or the like, keeping a certain immunity from being dragged under when that category fades or hardens into predictability.

March-May 81 Recording Dream Theory in Malaya at Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton Ontario.

31May81 PPN 3pm—Afternoon Ragas: Bhinpulassi, Kafi.... Guruji sits beside me before 2nd raga and tells me that he put the picture of Beeper and me on his shrine. "PPN" is Pandit Pran Nath, my teacher... My, how he loved dogs. And especially Beep. We used to have regular walks around Tribeca together: the distinguished Guru, with the cane, the little brown and white circus dog, and me.