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atmospherics: stories in words and pictures

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the site designers

I'VE BEEN TRYING to think of a way to reveal how much of this site is a collaboration. Around 2003, in Los Angeles, I began working on a set of personal narratives surrounding the making of each record with the innovative web designer, John Eric Greenberg. His work here is represented by the lovely little audio/visual events that one gets with a click on a link in the part of this site in which those narratives came to be called "Atmospherics." Later I learned of a Jon Hassell website that someone had done independently in the UK. Being impressed by the look of this site, I began an email exchange with the illustrator / designer, John Coulthart. I asked if he could try to merge the two sides (the "info" side and the "Atmospherics") under one graphic roof. If he had just been a brilliant designer who could build a graphic world by extracting motifs from record designs and photos and his own imagination, that would've been enough. But he became a collaborator, pointing out sources, precedents, acting as a filter for texts or pictures that I was unsure about—all with the steady enthusiasm that kept me believing (rightly or wrongly!) that someone might find these stories interesting. Since then, John has also designed the beautiful package for the 2005 CD, Maarifa Street (as well as its website, Take a look at his other work at his site at

Lastly, the painting details embellishing many of these pages are extracted from the stunning oeuvre of Mati Klarwein, whose work also adorns Maarifa Street. My deep appreciation to his daughters, Serafine and Eleonore, his sons, Balthazar and Salvador, and their mother, Laure for their generosity. A new site maintained by his family can be found at

The imagery on the opening "splash" pages is by Jon Hassell.

jon hassell