WIREDNovember 1995


Here Come the Fuzz


An innovative edge on the hyperspatial –event horizon,  hyperFuzzy  is a self-generating media trigger-hub of ideas, philosophy and new memes that explode in colorful and optimistic frequencies. The Fuzzy collective wraps the Internet voyager in rich folds of energy that balance counterculture with the culture itself. What emerges is a virtual, intellectual tsunami.


Guest transmitters including Jon Hassell, Howard Rheingold, Douglas Rushkoff, and Fuzzy MVP (Most Valuable Philosopher) Timothy Leary contemplate the wealth of alchemical power available to the cybernaut, and remind us again an again that it's all about evolution and empowerment. (And by all means don't miss the hyperFuzzy bazaar—a profoundly exciting new model for future Net commerce.) Fuzzify yourself at  www.hyperfuzzy.com  (no longer active). This is not mere experience, this is evoloution in action.

Hyperfuzzy created by Rickio Woods

Art by jef morlan