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city: works of fiction

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6. RAIN The wind changes the beat. Water blows around the corner and down the block. It's backed up. Foreign cars with horns in minor keys. Hear the phone wires bang and echo like a cheap cave. The wind is playing with fire.

7. BA-YA D I always wondered how they could dig a city like that up. Who buried it in the first place. Don't tell me it just gathered dust for that long. Somebody must have buried it. Maybe they were trying to hide it so their apartments would be vacant when they came back and then they never did.

8. WARRIORS Bad mothers. Fierce but laid back. Wearing colors you've never seen. Gangbanging without moving. Napping in your face. Sleeping in a car outside your house with the radio on.

9. OUT OF ADEDARA Their architects were blind women. From these towers rose the hot air balloons of the singers. The baths stretched from the North wall of the city to the South. To enter the women's city from the men's city one had to pass through them, and the same going the other way.

Glenn O'Brien