Jon Hassell atmospherics : stories in words and pictures

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city: works of fiction

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1. VOICEPRINT (BLIND FROM THE FACTS) Metal Fatigue is a euphemism. The same vibrations express sympathy or illness depending on their target. At night the broken glass looks like a field of stars. Seen from the towers, the tail lights of a car cruising for prostitutes can spell out short words, like L-U-V.

2. PAGAN In our search for a way of keeping track of minutes and seconds without tools we discovered music and from then on the other arts chimed in. Harvests improved. We developed new fruits and flowers and invented dessert wines.

3. MOMBASA They sell orchids in the ladies room. The subway is free. The train keeps rolling all night long. On it they sell fresh orange juice and newspapers. Rice is a dime and it's white. When it rains everything shines like glass. Once in a while the wind blows through this town from the North and sandblasts everything. What's metal shines, what's painted, they repaint.

4. TIKAL At any given time exactly the same number of people will be found to be sleeping there. Sleeping past the alarm is a crime. Doctors make the patients run or weave specific patterns of lace. Smoking is mandatory in restaurants.

5. IN THE CITY OF RED DUST Their engravings of God depict him in a hammock. The grandeur of a home usually has to do with the size of its central fountain. Many of their priests are also hairdressers whose pricey creations represent mythological events. Although nudism is the custom, men and women rarely are seen unveiled. >>