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dream theory in malaya

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The opening track—'Chor Moiré'—is a fanfare of trumpets, looped and live, which suggest a kind of musical "moiré" patterning. Walter DeMaria (who was not only a groundbreaking artist but also the first drummer with the Velvet Underground ) came up to Canada for the studio fun and I swear he's there doing "distant drums" someplace within Brian's quasi-Polynesian drumming marking the ceremonial gait of the mass trumpets of 'Courage' (named not only for the obvious but also a reference to the name of the lowest string on the tambura) which then reprise in the next track, transformed into the magical, dub-like atmosphere of 'Dream Theory'.

Brian is probably undercredited on this record—maybe a reactionary move on my part to reaffirm an independent identity after the experience of finding Possible Musics—my music—in the "Eno" bin in record stores. Anyway, I gave him the trumpet solo on 'These Times...' which he worked into the texture of his record, On Land. An effervescent Chinese girl and a hot, undercover summer in New York lead to the multileveled title, 'Gift of Fire': I'm thinking of her, I'm thinking of the fire pit in the cover painting, I'm thinking of that moment in the history of Homo Sapiens.

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Thank god I kept agendas all these years. Jumbled together on a page are the mundane (daily notes to pick up things, career pitches, concerts, departure dates, deadlines) and the rhapsodic (ususally the rising and falling flares of love and sex and music). jh