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Brian had pushed E.G., his management company, into starting a label, Editions E.G., and I tried unsuccessfully to convince them that they should give a big push to this record in France based on the Actuel story. Apparently, they just didn't have a clue that, in France, Actuel was like a combination of Rolling Stone and Time-Life all-in-one and that the "Fourth World" concept would flavor a sizeable portion of the music world's output over the next 20 years. I remember Brian ("ambient") and Terry Riley ("minimalism") and myself ("fourth world") hanging out at my house in West Hollywood a few years ago and remarking just how much of the current musical DNA could be traced back to my living room at that moment. Meanwhile, I had been doing a few live concerts—the Mudd Club, Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Partially to demonstrate that this music was not all coming out of the studio but was being performed live, I put 'Griot'—from the AGO concert—on the record. Finally, this was a time of trying to correlate the deep, traditional practice I had been following under Pran Nath along with my new "pop" associations and possibilities. I felt compelled to write something special for the press release (and for myself) which would put it all in context. The brief essay titled, "Some Answers To The Question, What Are Some Of The Possible Musics On This Planet At This Time?", looks a little bit like the first "Fourth World" manifesto.

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Thank god I kept agendas all these years. Jumbled together on a page are the mundane (daily notes to pick up things, career pitches, concerts, departure dates, deadlines) and the rhapsodic (ususally the rising and falling flares of love and sex and music). jh