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vernal equinox

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I DID this, my first record, in Toronto in a basement studio at York University where my friend, David Rosenboom who was head of the electronic studio, had invited me to do a workshop. Michael Brook was the engineer and a rock 'n' roll guitar player who had a girlfriend I kinda fell in love with. I had left New York a year or two before after a buncha trouble—long marriage sputtering to a close in the wake of a new young "fourth world girlfriend", fallout from the lingering coca-haze following a wild trip to Venezuela and Colombia (island-hopping in Morocoy, full moon, LSD, and in Bogota, falling in love with the great-great-grand-daughter of Ponce de Leon to the unforgettable melodies of a Haitian voodoo ceremony at the "Primer Congreso Mundial De Brujeria"), and a demonstration of how long I could hang onto the 9th floor window ledge of my apartment at Westbeth when she tried to leave (earning me a 2 week stay in lovely St. Vincents—not the island—with the cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest). So with a band-aid on the hurt, we packed up the Renault 16 and the two dogs and headed to Malibu, found a little glass-front loft in Otto Preminger's old beach house where—in the few hours left over from creating tableaux vivantes from imaginary books with the words "Malibu" and "Sex" in the titles—I'd play over the ocean sound, drive up Tuna Canyon in the afternoon, sit in the car and practice raga moves on the trumpet with wild deer foraging nearby and hang gliders launching over my head, wearing out the pause button while listening phrase-by-phrase to the one lesson that Pran Nath had allowed me to record. >>